Screen and Glass Parts and Accessories

We stock the following parts and accessories sold individually or by the box/package.

Screen Accessories


B-170 Diecast Corner for A-119                              

B-206 Nylon Corner for A-123


B-336 Insert Corner for A-505                                    Rainbow Spring


Pointer Latch                                                         Wire Loop

White or Black


Knife Latch                                                              Pull Pin Plunger

L.H. and R.H.                                                           3 piece set


.150 Screen Spline                                              Charcoal Aluminum Screen

1500' Rolls or by the Foot                                    Widths Stocked From 18" to 72"

                                                                            100' Rolls or By the Foot

Glass Accessories


B-331 Corner for Two Track Window                          B-332 Corner with Swivel

                                                                              for Two Track Window


B-336 Insert Corner for A-365                                   B-333 Die Cast Slidebolt

                                                                              for A-489 & A-506


Spring for A-489 and A-506                                       Glazing Vinyl / Available

                                                                              in S.S. D.S. and Cranbrook


Barrel Clip                                                               Picture Window Clip


Storm Window Weatherstrip or A-531                    

Sold by the Foot                                                    


Carefree Replacement Slidebolts:                       Double Picture Window Clip

L.H. & R.H.

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