How To Measure For Storm Doors

Storms door orders are ALWAYS taken by the rough opening size of the brickmold.

Most doors are a standard width - either 30", 32", or 36" wide,and a standard 80" tall However you can purchase a door to fit nearly any opening.

  • WIDTH - Measure the distance between the brickmold at the top, middle, and bottom. Use the SMALLEST of the three measurements

  • HEIGHT - Measure from the sill to the bottom edge of the top brickmold, at the extreme left and right sides of the opening. Use the SMALLEST of these measurements.

  • HINGE - Standing outside your home, facing the door do you want the hinges on the (left or right) side of the door?

  • Will A Standard Door Fit?

    Example: A standard 36" door with fit into a opening that is 35 3/4" - 36 1/4" in width and 79 1/2" - 81" tall.