How Do I Measure?

Storms door orders are ALWAYS taken by the rough opening size of the brickmold.

Most doors are a standard width - either 30", 32", or 36" wide,and a standard 80" tall However you can purchase a door to fit nearly any opening.


Measure the distance between the brickmold at the top, middle, and bottom. Use the SMALLEST of the three measurements


Measure from the sill to the bottom edge of the top brickmold, at the extreme left and right sides of the opening. Use the SMALLEST of these measurements.


Standing outside your home, facing the door do you want the hinges on the (left or right) side of the door?

Will A Standard Door Fit?

Example: A standard 36" door with fit into a opening that is 35 3/4" - 36 1/4" in width and 79 1/2" - 81" tall.