Storm Windows

Rodenhouse Door and Window Inc. manufactures Kaufmann aluminum storm windows. We offer three different styles of windows to fit all your needs.

We offer two types of double-hung storm windows:

Blindstop Mount

Overlap Mount


  • Multi-Vent Action - Allows ventilation every inch
  • Strength & Durability - Powder coated aluminum with 25% more metal then competitive products.
  • Diecast Slidebolts
  • Marine style wrap around glazing.
  • Interlocking center meeting rail.
  • 100% Wool Pile Weatherstrip - Will not mat or freeze up.
  • Aluminum Screen Wire
  • Screw Type Corners
  • Every Window Custom Built To Fit Your Exact Dimensions


    Fully interlocking center meeting rail.                        Diecast slidebolts

    We also manufacture a picture window storm window:

    Picture Window

    All of our storm window options feature an adjustable bottom expander that matches the slope of your window sill, and include color matched installation screws.

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